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This will be my fourth year leading a group to Ghana.  This will be the second year under our nonprofit name "Colorado To Ghana."  This allows us bring support to multiple NGOs including Challenging Heights, ISHEW and Dr. Ammousou at Holy Cross Hospital.  With your help we can bring some much needed supplies to these great people of Ghana!   

Please donate using this link!





My name is Kelsey Parisi and I am part of the Special Education staff at Castle View High School. Three years ago I joined the Colorado to Ghana team with no idea what to expect. I kept hearing the phrase "to whom much is given, much is expected" during the first trip and didn't quite get the power in it's meaning until I visited a special education classroom during the second year. A suitcase of adapted school supplies changed the lives of students who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to access education. Education is a huge part of my life and my focus during this year's trip. 


School Fundraising Link



My name is Julie Sturgeon and I am a school social worker at Mountain Vista High School. I have always had an adventurous spirit, eager to travel anywhere with new experiences to be had. When the opportunity came up for myself and several students from Mountain Vista to travel with Colorado to Ghana, there was no doubt this would be a place that I wanted to go. But what I found in Ghana was so much more than I could have imagined. The trip was full of learning, hard work, building strong bounds and discovering the gift of service to others.

This experience promises to have an impact on your heart.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Gandhi



My name is Carly Markowski and I am a senior at Regis Jesuit High School. I’m proud to be the Student Ambassador for the 2019 trip to Ghana! This will be my third trip to Ghana in three years, and I am particularly excited about this year’s projects. I love tennis, photography and have a passion for learning, and I’m excited to reunite with the amazing people I have met in Ghana!

Fundraiser Link:  Sustainable Farm in Ghana




My name is Connor Rauscher and I am going into my senior year at Mountain Vista High School. I will be going to Ghana for the first time during my fall break and will be going with the Colorado to Ghana organization. I am looking forward to helping with all the various projects that go along with the trip. However, the project I am most interested in helping with is the sustainable farm and chicken coop to give families there a further source of food security. I am incredibly excited to get out of my comfort zone, helping people meet their needs, and experiencing a new culture.

Fundraiser Link: Sustainable Farm in Ghana


My name is Cailey Holman, and I am a sophomore at Castle View  High School. I have a passion for traveling and service and with this trip I am able to do both! I am so excited to meet the people of Ghana and be able to use my skills to better their everyday life. I can't wait for the projects this year, and I am so excited for this opportunity!

Fundraiser Link: Vocational School in Ghana

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My name is Aurora O’Connor and I’m a junior at Castle View High School. This is my first, of hopefully many, journeys to Ghana. I love to give back and volunteer in as many ways possible and hope that this trip will help further my knowledge of what others need and how I can help. I also believe that this trip will bring me closer in my career aspirations as a pediatrician. I am thankful for this opportunity to see life from a new perspective, well simultaneously being able to make a difference in someone’s life!



My name's Dylan Norton and I'm a senior at Mountain Vista High School. I have a strong interest in service and volunteer work, and I'm looking forward to traveling with other students from Colorado to work with the Challenging Heights school in Ghana.  My career goal is to become a paramedic or a nurse, and I think working in another community and helping address the problems they face will prepare me for my life as an adult. I look forward to being able to travel outside of the country for my first time, and know that world travel will an important part of helping me develop into the person I want to be.

Fundraiser Link: Vocational School in Ghana




My name is Ty Holman, and this will be my second trip to give service in Ghana with a group of students. My last experience was an amazing opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people of Ghana and to hopefully make a difference through some great service projects. I’m looking forward to another opportunity to work on some amazing projects to help improve the lives of those affected by child slavery.

Fundraiser Link: Vocational School in Ghana



My name is Molly Houser and I am a senior at Mountain Vista High School. I am passionate about learning, and hope that this trip will teach me more about the world, while also allowing me to help other people. Thank you for the support! 



Hello I’m Luke Amann, I learned about Colorado to Ghana from interestingly enough by playing tennis. Ben Wolfe is my tennis coach and I have seen through him that Ghana is an amazing place and experience. Ghana will be my 3rd outreach mission, I have been to Taiwana, Mexico and Port-au-Prince Haiti. Every time I go I feel accomplished and I feel as if Ghana will be different! 

Fundraiser Link: Vocational School in Ghana



Hi! My name is McKenna Daley and I am a junior at Regis Jesuit High School. I’m a cheerleader, track manager, and swim instructor. I also love traveling. I am going to Ghana to honor my friend who passed away and was unable to go on his service trip to Peru. I want to help make a difference in Ghana and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Fundraiser Link: Sustainable Farm in Ghana



Hi my name is Kensie and I am a sophomore at Castle View High School. I love playing tennis and spending time with my family, and I am happy to be a part of student government this year. I am excited to go to Ghana because I want to do good things for other people and have an unforgettable experience.



My name is Kaylee Traut and I'm a senior at Castle View High School. This will be my first time going to Ghana, and I am so excited! I love to travel and help others, so this trip will be unforgettable. I am a camp counselor, love to play soccer, and enjoy spending time with friends. 



Contact us to learn more about how to be a part of this trip of a lifetime in 2019!


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