Empowering our local community to make a difference in Ghana

What We Do 

We believe in giving students of Colorado an

opportunity to make a difference across the 

globe while gaining an experience they will

never forget.  Each year we fundraise and 

plan for a trip to help the people of Ghana

by finding the services and supplies that

NGOs need to help their mission in creating

a better life for their people. 

Students find this opportunity to be

enlightening and empowering as they realize 

how much positive impact they can make on

the world around them.

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Thinking of coming with us?  Check this out!

We made the news in our school district! 

Here's a testimonial on the impact the trip can have!

Some info on what the trip is all about.

Check out where we will be staying on the trip!

Here's a student perspective on the trip.

Here's the story behind Colorado To Ghana.

          Video 1 Recap of Our 2018 Trip.

          Video 2 Recap of Our 2018 Trip.


Contact us to learn more about how to be a part of this trip of a lifetime in 2021!  

517 242 1787

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